Le vin devant soi

« Le vin devant soi » is a new wine cellar concept

Côtes du Rhônes’specialist

Le Vin Devant Soi
4, rue du Collège du Roure
84000 AVIGNON 
phone : +33 (0) 
mail : contact@levindevantsoi.fr 
website : https://www.levindevantsoi.com


With more than 4000 different wines from South of France (and prestigious wines from other region), « Le Vin Devant Soi" offers in Avignon 32 wine for tasting, thanks to Enomatic’s wine fountain, an innovative system of wine distribution.

At the "Vin Devant Soi", taste and find the wine that is perfect for you.

« Le vin devant soi », also offers a range of  wine-growers champagnes and of prestigious wines, pastis and local spirituous.

Finally, at « Le Vin Devant Soi", you can also find objects associated to the wine universe (corkscrew, gift boxes…).


AVITUS la cave

11 rue du Vieux Sextier
84000 AVIGNON 
phone : 09 8427 5797 
mail : contact@avituslacave.com 
website : https://www.avituslacave.com


Prestigious wines and discoveries, wines for every budget.

An attractive range of Champagne (Billecart Salmon, Jacquesson, Pol Roger, Henri Giraud, Drapier, J.Lassalle, Autréau ...) and spiritious (Cognac, Whiskey, Rum, ...).



Beaumes de Venise’s wines : PDO-PGI  (Protected Designation of Origin/Protected Geographical Indication)

Domaine des Bernardins
EARL Cave Castaud
138 Avenue Gambetta
phone number : 04 90 62 94 13 
fax : 04 90 65 01 42 
mail : contact@domaine-des-bernardins.com 
website : https://www.domaine-des-bernardins.com

The story :

Such as many villages in the region, Beaumes de Venise produces wines since Roman times, but its particularity comes from the development of a natural sweet wine. Pline l’Ancien wrote : "Muscat is long cultivated at Beaumes and gives a remarkable wine. Since then, the history of Muscat de Beaumes never stopped: the muscat provided Pope Clement V in Avignon and the nobles of the kingdom, as Henri IV, enjoyed the Muscat.

Terroir :

A terroir is a geographically delimited area (such as Beaumes de Venise vineyards and the Montmirail Dentelles) defined from a human community that builds during its history a set of distinctive cultural traits, knowledge and practices based on a system of interaction between the natural environment and human factors. The skills involved reveal an originality, confer typicity and allow recognition for products or services originating from this space and therefore for the people who live there. These areas are living and innovative spaces which cannot be assimilated to the only tradition. (Proposed definition from a working group INRA / INAO).

The winery :

it covers the southeast side of the Montmirail Dentelles (between 100-600 m altitude), on the municipalities of Beaumes de Venise, Lafare, Suzette and La Roque Alric in the department of Vaucluse.

Soils :

they are composed of soils derived from Oxfordian marl, Upper Cretaceous and Triassic single in the Côtes du Rhône.

Climate :

Mediterranean, hot because protected from the wind by the relief (Massif of Montmirail Dentelles).

News :

since 1943, the Appellation is known for its sweet wine, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. In 2005, the PDO Beaumes de Venise is designated as « Cru » for its red wines.

Variety of vine :

Black Grenache 50% minimum, Syrah 25%, Mourvèdre and other grape varieties of the Appellation tolerated 20% maximum, 5% white grape.

Minimum alcoholic strength : 12.5%


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